2020 – Małgorzata Pawelczyk, a Guest of the Festival

Małgorzata Pawelczyk, born in 1971 in Jelenia Góra; currently lives in Białystok.

She’s a computer scientist, and passionate traveller and photographer.  She has a particular fondness for the natural and cultural landscapes of Podlasie. She is a tireless nature lover.

Photography has been her interest since 2013. She traverses Podlasie searching for picturesque landscapes, forgotten villages and wonders of nature. She endeavours to freeze her fascinations with Podlasie in a frame.

 Małgorzata is an initiator and supervisor of hobby and photography group „Lajkowe spotkania z fotografią”. She is a member of Białystok Photo Society; a real member of the Republic of Poland Photo Club — Association of Creators; and a member of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Association.

She runs a fanpage on social media, FB- Wędrówki Wiatrem Podszyte

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