Michał Zieliński

I was born in Brodnica, and I live there. The close proximity to the Lakeland and picturesque Drwęca valley made all my interests focus on nature.
Since secondary school, the primary objects of my observations are birds inhabiting neighbouring areas. For the first dozen or so years, I had ventured with my binoculars, until 2016, when I became interested in photography, and this passion has completely absorbed me.
On an everyday basis, I work in the automotive industry; every spare moment I spend in the bosom of nature. In my pictures, I try to reflect the emotions and atmosphere of the moment. I photograph mainly water and wetland birds from a floating hide and portable hides positioned along the backwater banks.
Since 2016 I am a member of Toruń Department of ZPFP, where I have been awarded a title of the Photographer of the Year 2019, I am also a member of the Eagle Conservation Committee (KOO) and Patrol of Natura 2000.

About the Author