Jerzy Kryszak – Special Guest

Special Guest – Jerzy Kryszak

Jerzy Kryszak – actor, satirist, columnist, director, screenwriter, husband, father, brother, chef, gardener, driver. He plants, weeds, sings, recites, growls, commentates, entertains, moves. People – he likes, respects, admires, sometimes resents. He loves his wife, his sons, himself and nature, as this is his nature and natural need. After graduating PWST (Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts) in Cracow, he settled in the Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, and a few years later he moved do the Ateneum Theatre in Warsaw under the direction of the most significant figure of Polish theatre – Janusz Warminski.  His popularity grew on the basis of his theatre roles – from Robespierre to Hamlet, his movie roles – from ‘Wodzirej’ (Top Dog) through ‘Thais’ to ‘Mężczyzna niepotrzebny’; his series roles – ‘Kanclerz’, ‘Akwen Eldorado’, ‘Alternatywy 4’, and dozens of photoplays and entertaining programmes. For a few years, he had coedited the TV series ‘Polskie Zoo’ and ‘Polska Szopka Noworoczna; Jerzy also played in numerous TV programmes such as: ‘Mój Pierwszy Raz’, ‘Uważaj na kioskarza’, ‘Dzień kangura’, ‘HBO na Stojaka’ and ‘Noce Kabaretowe’; in effect, his recognition rose. On this quite stable ground he  placed his tripod; a reflex camera secured to it he considers a marvellous contraption invented by photography freaks. Beside a sonance of a splashing fish and a bird song, he finds the sound of a shutter one of the most fabulous in the world. Jerzy believes that nature, barely guarding itself against humans, is the only hope for mankind.






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