Arkadiusz Pałasiński

Arkadiusz Pałasiński – an artist-photographer specialising in landscape and travel photography. He is a monochrome enthusiast. A former vice-president of Silesian Department of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Association (ZPFP). In pursuit of themes for his projects, he travels around the world, carefully selecting the seasons that determine the appearance of the place of his choice (vegetation, ploughed fields, snow, water levels in rivers and waterfalls, rainfall, colours and the amount of sunlight). His photographs are characterised by exceptional attention to the quality of light and focusing the viewer’s eye on detail. He is enthralled by dramatic clouds and fogs, which in combination with the delicate morning light create spectacular, unique scenes, which make a magnificent subject for photography. He loves to discover interesting textures and patterns created by nature. He rarely returns to the same locations, believing that, as a photographer, his creativity is the highest when he visits a place for the first time – this is when he can immediately notice the characteristic features of the landscape and the atmosphere of the place, which he always aims to convey in his photographs. If he finds an interesting motif, he can stay in one place for several weeks to capture the best possible light. He often imagines the scene as it should look like and waits for the desired conditions. He is amazed at how nature can surprise us with breathtaking images that exceed our imagination – he is delighted when he manages to capture such a fleeting moment in a photograph. He always tries to photograph in solitude, committing himself completely and tuning into the theme. In recent years, he has been increasingly taking photographs in black and white, which, in his opinion, ensures purity of form and gives the viewer a much greater opportunity to interpret and focus on the most important features of the image. He adores simple frames, with a small number of details, selected so as not to distract the viewer. His most favourite direction of photographic expeditions is the far north – places like Norway or Iceland, where you can still find unspoilt wildlife and concentrate on photography without being surrounded by a crowd of photographers and tourists. For over a dozen years he has been running individual and group photography workshops in Poland and abroad. He values the contact with his students, which he believes is mutually beneficial – the students learn the photographic craft and the author analyses the different approaches of other photographers to the world around them. His works are displayed at exhibitions and published in magazines and albums. The author’s works can be found in galleries, museums and private collections. The prints are made by the author himself in compliance with the highest possible quality standards, they are archivally sound valuable collectables.

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