Wieńczysław Rak

I was born in September 1978, in a small town in northwestern Poland, Nowogard. From an early age, my fascination with wildlife became apparent. As a child, I spent every moment I could in the bosom of nature. Initially, just hiking with my parents. Later, equipped with my binoculars, I used to traverse backwoods. I have learned that a bit of patience and persistence is enough to move into the wild world that is right next to us. A few years ago, enchanted by the abundance of forests, swamps and meadows surrounding our city, I have decided to record these encounters with nature and share this beauty with others. This moment, in fact, changed everything, and wildlife photography became my life’s passion. It is impossible to measure the hours spent on, mostly unsuccessful, rehearsals of watching the wildlife. Yet, each hour spent in the bosom of nature enhanced my experience. I studied animals’ habits and their favourite habitats. I have learnt how to go unnoticed by the animals; it allowed me to observe their natural behaviour, and hence to take perfect shots.

About the Author