Anna Kola

Anna Kola – a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at NCU (diploma in Graphic Design Studio). She works in the Department of Intermedia Arts at NCU, teaching in the Interdisciplinary Studio and Studio of Photography. She has been a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (since 1998) and the Association of Polish Art Photographers (since 2008). Her works were presented at 20 individual exhibitions and over 100 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad (including Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Thailand).

Her output results from combining diverse media on the intersection between various artistic disciplines. For many years, photography and glass art have been among the most important techniques in her work. Her greatest inspiration is nature – photographic motif and sculptural material. On a daily basis, she observes closely the changes occurring in nature. She observes the processes it undergoes, including the destructive ones, for beauty also reveals itself in passing. Her attention is drawn to these ordinary, often unremarkable elements of the landscape, such as a lying stone, a dried branch or a wrinkled surface of water. When photographing, she uses the staging of the camera to introduce effects of motion, blur, mysteriousness into the image. These photographs are records of a moment, the energy of the place and the accompanying emotions.

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