Łukasz Kuczkowski

Łukasz Kuczkowski – Husband, Father, Lawyer. Enthusiasts of beautiful landscapes and cold regions of the world, which he constantly tries to capture. He believes that taking a good photo requires a lot of effort and preparation, but it also involves an adventure.

Coordinator of photographic expeditions to the remotest world regions, where, among other things, he met: the coldness of the Himalayans, New Zealand exotics, the chill of icebergs of Greenland and snatching wind of ice-cold Patagonia.

On a daily basis he is a solicitor in the largest law office in Poland.

He is also the winner of the Grand Prix for photo diaporama from New Zealand awarded on the ZPFP Wildlife Photography Festival “Wizje Natury 2008” (The Visions of Nature 2008) and won first place for diaporama from the expedition to Greenland in 2010. Furthermore, he won international photographic competitions “Traveller Photographer of the Year 2010” and “Glanzlichter 2010”.

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