Kacper Kowalski

Premiere of Kacper Kowalski’s Photobook

Kacper Kowalski, a photographer best known for his highly aesthetic aerial photography, finally releases his long-awaited and highly anticipated debut photobook. Up to this moment his photographs were accessible only via press and on view at photography exhibitions, mainly outside the country. On January 10th, Leica Gallery Warsaw next to the book’s premiere will host a new exhibition of Kowalski’s photographs.

The book’s design allows a multidirectional way of viewing and presents a sky-high journey to the core of the complicated human-nature relationship. “What interest me the most are intersection points of society and nature – says Kowalski – it is where interesting things happen: disorder in harmony, emergence of new forms.”

The book cover itself is in a way an invitation to reflect on the “side effects” of human impact on the natural world. When touched the cover’s heat-sensitive, color-changing ink disappears to reveal fragments of photographs hidden underneath. Images appear, only to disappear again after a short time (are they lost forever?).

Edgar Bąk created a simple and unembellished graphic design for the book. He managed to create an orientation system to guide the reader through the pages of the book – with occasional drawings and graphically presented geographic coordinates, which meticulously describe each photograph.


More information about the book and the exhibition:

And on: www.facebook.com/LeicaGalleryWarszawa

Website of the book: http://leica-camera.pl/aktualnosci/wydarzenia/kacper-kowalski%E2%80%99s-photobook/

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