Robert Dejtrowski

“Gathering materials to my thesis as a student of the faculty of Biology in the Warsaw University I have come upon Vistula River. The place fascinated me. Great river flowing, irregular riverbed, space, flickering lights on the waves interrupted by yellow rags of sand, has had a lasting impression on me. For several years I dealt with both photographic and scientific work. Afterwards, the passion for photography won. Since then I have been travelling across Poland (particularly along Central Vistula Valley) searching for light and fleeting moments that could be captured in my photographs.

“In 2003 I have published my portfolio “Wisła” (Vistula) – (Bosz). I have lost count of books and portfolios illustrated with my photographs. I am also an author of half of the photos from outdoor exhibition „Wisła -ostatnia taka rzeka Europy” (Vistula – the last river of that kind in Europe), that was on display in summer 2008 in Bielsko-Biała, Wisła, Kraków, Warszawa, Płock, Toruń, Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk.

“In 2009 I have displayed an exhibition „Wisła” (Vistula) exclusively about Vistula landscape in Gallery „Zamknięta” (Closed) in Warsaw.
I cooperate with many publishing companies that use my wildlife and sightseeing photo archive from across Poland.

“Whenever possible I live in Kawęczyn – a small village near Maciejowice – right next to the most interesting sections of Central Vistula Valley and almost on the battlefields from 1794. Otherwise I live in Warsaw.

“I run a blog about photography – more that strictly wildlife photography.”

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