“TRWANIE” (Continuity)

Directed and written by Jacek Schmidt

Cinematography — Józef Romasz

“TRWANIE” is a story about trees as “individuals” — close companions of humans since the dawn of time. The narrative axis of the film is witnessing the emotional relationship between the human “tree surgeon” and his tree “patients”. This particular doctor is Marek Kubacki — who has been saving mature trees from logging for over 30 years. Now retired, he still visits his former patients, checking on their condition. Images from such “medical visits” feature impressive, centuries-old trees that have been saved from extinction by Kubacki’s efforts. Combined with the reflections of this exceptional surgeon regarding his equally exceptional patients, they add up to a compelling story about “the tree as a living being” — worthy of being treated as an individual and not merely as a source of raw material or fuel.

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