Łukasz Jabłoński

Łukasz Jabłoński – reached for the camera inspired by the work of domestic aerial photographers. Fascinated with observing the sky, he soon discovered that many interesting phenomena were also happening on the ground. And even right beside him. A resident of Lubawa, located near the Dylewskie Hills Landscape Park and the Iława Lake District. He spends a lot of time among old riverbeds and backwaters of the Drwęca River where he can find quiet escape from daily routine. He has a passion for the warm colours of sunrises and sunsets, reflections, light leaks and blurs. While he loves nature photography in all its aspects, he has specialised in bird photography. An enthusiast and collector of nature photography albums. Over several years of capturing the bird world, he has collected a number of awards in competitions, including international ones: Bird Photographer Of The Year, MontPhoto, WildArt Photographer Of The Year, Art of Nature and Swiss Ornithological Institute, Vogelwarte. He runs social media profiles featuring his works – on Facebook: facebook.com/lukaszjablonskiphotography and Instagram: instagram.com/burning_sky_photography

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