Michał Ogrodowczyk

Michał Ogrodowczyk is a graduate of the Animal Breeding and Biology department at the Agricultural Academy in Poznań and National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź.

From an early age, he has been interested in the world of nature, which he captures in his photographs, and for over 15 years, he has been doing it also with his film camera. He works at the Forest Film Studio of the Development and Implementation Centre of State Forests in Bedoń, where he passionately produces films about nature and forests.

He is an editor and co-author of numerous films: “A Year in the Primeval Forest”, “The Reflection of Nature”, “A Narrow-gauge Railway through Bieszczady Forests – a Sentimental Journey”. More importantly, he has directed and co-directed such films as: “Na skraju lasu” (On the Verge of a Forest), “Tajemnice gór” (Mysteries of the Mountains), “Moczary i uroczyska” (Marshes and Wild Areas), “Bory chrobotkowe – przyrodnicza osobliwość Polski” (Cladonia Forest – a natural peculiarity of Poland), “Dzika przyroda w sercu Europy” (Wildlife in the Heart of Europe), “Obce rośliny w lasach” (Alien Plants in Forests), “Magia sosnowego boru” (The Magic of Pine Forest), “Dęby w Polsce” (Oaks in Poland), “Trufle w Polsce” (Truffles in Poland), “Lasy bagienne” (Marshy Forests), “Bagna są dobre” (Wetlands Work Wonders) and many more. His latest productions are two films from the series “Życie lasu” (Life of the Forest): “Bogactwo przyrodnicze” (Natural Wealth) and “Ptaki” (Birds).

His productions have been repeatedly awarded both in national and international competitions.

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