Peter Scherbuk – Special Guest

Special Guest – Peter Scherbuk

I was born in 1967 in Olsztyn to a family of gamekeepers and hunters. I have been into photography, since I was 12 and got my first camera as a gift for my First Holy Communion; it was Zenit TTL. Over the course of time, my love for photography grew, and in view of my family passions, nature has always come first.

I have lived in Germany since 1980. Although most of the year I travel with my camera almost all around the world, my love for Polish wildlife always brings me back to the wilderness of Warmia and Masuria, Pomerania, and Podlasie.

I am a graphic designer by profession, though by passion, I am a naturalist and a photographer, author, publisher and executive editor of German nature and photography magazine ‘Naturblick’.

Wildlife photography has been my bread and butter for 15 years. I have run photography workshops in Masuria and Podlasie for the companies Nikon and Leica, my work has been supported by manufacturers such as Manfrotto/Gitzo, Berlebach, Koenig Photobags, Novoflex, Sony and also Tamron.

My works have been published mostly in individual publications, those of my publishing company’s and in the papers of my sponsors. I am the author of the photographic book ‘Dollina Rospudy’ (Rospuda Valley) issued by Bialy Kruk publishing company. In Israel, I have also published photographic books on Masurian Landscape Park, cranes, animal photography and birds. I have never taken part in a photographic contest, but I am often asked to sit on a jury.





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