Bajerowicz Katarzyna

I am from Poznań, a mother of three daughters, a flatmate of a dog and two and a half cats (the other half lives with a neighbour) and a fan of pasta with tomato sauce.

When I was a very little girl, my father used to take me to the forest, show ants, tadpoles, talk about mushrooms and animals. When I was ill, my mum kept me in bed and brought butterfly cocoons and beetles to observe. Later on, when I was a little older, she used to search for wonderful old books for me in the antiquarian bookshops.

I grew up and began work in advertising agencies – in order to relax, I used to photograph: plants, little creatures, patterns on leafs, wings and water. And one day, I no longer wanted to return to the office. I had decided to find another job: I started to illustrate books for children. As chance would have it, many of them were wildlife books. I am a very lucky person: living in a house with a garden, able to measure a daily growth of plants, and with each look at the grass exploring new worlds. Everything I see and learn I can forward to little people curious about the world and all that lives in it.




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