Wojtek Męczyński

I am an underwater photographer and dive expedition leader. I have been diving since early 2006. I started photographing underwater with a simple compact camera a few years later. Something that started out as an add-on to exploring the underwater world has become an objective in itself. Currently, I try to go on trips three to four times a year that are entirely focused on creating underwater images.

In my underwater photography, I am primarily interested in the world of marine microorganisms. During my visit to Tonga, however, I fell in love with the gentle giants that are humpback whales — so different from humans, yet having so much in common with us.

I like to talk about the maritime world and present its beauty wherever possible: at trade fairs, travel festivals, gatherings, exhibitions and in schools. I am a brand ambassador for OM System.

I trust that promoting good underwater photography will encourage you to seek out opportunities to view the larger and smaller inhabitants of the seas in their natural habitat. Such meetings give so much satisfaction and joy.

Save the oceans!

Wojtek Męczyński



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