Adriana Bogdanowska


is a genuine romantic person, perceiving the world of nature through the eyes of her sensitive soul. She is also a highly self-critical photographer, thus rarely satisfied with the results of her work. Therefore, the few images she lets the world to see are extraordinary, emanating her personal tranquillity and outstanding dedication to the subject of her work. She loves to capture images of nature and her perceptiveness in this subject is exceptional. She is not interested in documenting the world in her photography, although her professional work often requires her to do so. The world shown in her photographs makes subtle and indistinguishable vision, composition depictured with artistic grace. Sometimes she works with blurred vision, creating plenty of multi-coloured marks. It makes her work remarkable and recognisable. Whenever possible, she escapes grey concrete world and heads out to wildlife surroundings full of adventure and astonishment. Her haven hides in the forests by the calm lakes and bright clearings, in the wilderness hidden in the swamps, up the mountain peaks and on the seaside emptiness filled with quietness of the sound of waves. This is where she finds her life-balance and joy of creativity.

She has graduated from Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy (University of Life Sciences) in Poznan. The faculty in Polish studies along with her knowledge and interest in wildlife turned out to be useful in her job of editing nation-wide Wildlife Magazine published by PTOP “Salamandra.” Since 2004 she has been editor-in-chief of the Wildlife Magazine SALAMANDRA. She became very dedicated to this work, it became her true passion.

Adriana is an author and co-author of several tens of scientific and popular science publications, research papers and evaluations, mostly in herpetology.

She is an enthusiast of jazz and sung poetry. Since childhood, she has been a great fan of sung poetry performed by actors. She enjoys singing, so most of her leisure time she spends singing in a choir.

Adriana’s favourite seasons are early spring and late autumn when everything is more expressive than ever. Everywhere she goes, she carries heavy backpack and her camera with her.

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