„Odpryski błękitu – obok natury” (Blue Slivers – Alongside Nature) – Marek Noniewicz

The exhibition site – “Wejściówka”, Plac Teatralny 1, Toruń

The Vernissage – 30th of November 2019, at 7 pm

This exhibition constitutes a challenge and a return to the roots. The first degree I got in Toruń was Biology. I have always been fascinated by nature and although I once thought that biological studies have had no influence to my life, apart from several friendships, love for jazz, a passion for libraries and several names from fine literature that have accompanied me since then. However, now I know that the credit for my holistic perception of the world, which I value so much, goes to my biological education.

“Odpryski błękitu” (Blue Slivers) – is a cyanotype exhibition in memory of Anna Atkins, the author of the first publication illustrated with photographs, negative images of British algae. From the beginning of the 21st century, I started experimenting with historical techniques, i.e. those that accompanied photography in its pioneering times. The wildlife I depict constitutes a world transformed by civilisation, whereby, my imagination is also one of its products.

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