Radosław Siekierzynski

His adventure with photography began early-in his high school years, with the mountain trekking during which he was always equipped with the camera. Therefore landscape photography, especially mountain landscape photography, naturally became his passion. Gradually, through the lens of his camera, he discovered Sudetes, Tatra Mountains and Bieszczady Mountains, all of which he grew to love.   Carpathian landscapes directed him further, to Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania.  Along with broadening the mountain horizons, his camera equipment grew – starting with reliable Zenit 12XP, through Praktica, further into various analogue cameras and concluding with digital reflex Canon cameras.

In a natural consequence of his development as a photographer, he started to compare his experiences with others. In his quest for similar ‘freaks’ as himself, in late 90’s he came across Wielkopolska division of Polish Wildlife Photographers Association (ZPFP). Photo expeditions, exhibitions and slide projections began.  Initially a regular member, over time he got involved in division executive duties and finally in 2001-2007 he became the chairman of Wielkopolska division of ZPFP.  In 2007, he was elected to the Central Board of ZPFP and since than he has been a Treasurer there.

He continues to focus on landscape photography.  Romania, which he has visited 10 times so far, became his favourite photographic destination. He is attracted by Romanian mountain expanse as well as ethnicity and amazing people he always meets there.

His latest artistic challenge has been his project ‘Swiaty Rownolegle’ (Parallel Worlds). It draws upon discovering similarities in patterns between macro ‘landscapes’ and their equivalents in regular sceneries.  This quest resulted in a diaporama ‘Swiaty Rownolegle’ (Parallel Worlds) – awarded with Grand Prix in a digital show contest run within the Visions of Nature Festival in Izabelin, 2015; and first prize in digital show contest of The Art of Nature Festival in Torun, 2015.  Radoslaw was also awarded first prize for his photograph ‘Surfers’ in a wildlife photo contest in Torun Festival, thus becoming the first artist winning two first prizes in one Festival edition.





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