Darek Karp


Darek Karp, also known under his American Indian name as ‘Grey Wolf’, was born in Augustow in 1964.  All his life has been tied up with wild nature.  The backwoods of Augustow Primeval Forest have always been his home figuratively as well as literally. Until now, he lives in the forest with his wife and daughters, in their wooden hut – built in the blend of trekker and Native American style – called ‘Dom Trapera’ (Trekker’s House).  Darek is also a great enthusiast of the culture of North American Indians.

Grey Wolf’s deepest passion is watching wild animals and their interspecific correlation in the habitat.  Nights in hovels or under the starry sky in the moonlight next to the campfire have always been Darek’s great adventures.  As he recollects: ‘this is, though, the best way to uncover great and small secrets of the nature. It makes a perfect opportunity to look in the eye of a wolf and smell real wilderness, explore nature’s mysteries and feel its breath on one’s back…’

Grey Wolf’s equally significant passion turned out to be wildlife photography.  On account of it, 35 years of his memories of wildlife observation have been saved not only in Darek’s memory, but also as photographs he had taken. For many years, wildlife photography allowed Darek to enjoy his freedom.  Photography has been his only source of income.  His first publications started in 1981/1982; after that the photographs started flowing freely.  Darek has been taking orders from many publishers from around the world. His work with some well-established wildlife photography agencies has enabled his photographs to reach prestigious publishers such as BBC or National Geographic. Up until now over two thousand of Darek’s photographs have been published.

Apart from photography, Grey Wolf is also writing articles on wild animals’ life in their habitats.  Not only does he share images with his readers, but also his adventures, experiences and facts straight from the swamps and woods…

On a daily basis, he works in Biebrza National Park as a ranger in the legendary Czerwone Bagno (Red Bog) Strict Nature Reserve in a conservation area Grzedy.  Everyday commune with nature has become his profession.  And wildlife photography resolved into a kind of company and support in his everyday duties in nature preservation, therefore enabling so many people to learn about the beauty of Polish native wildlife.




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