Marek Noniewicz

My area of activity is mainly photography, although I think more often that I am interested in light sensitivity, both natural and artificial, as it is difficult to set precise boundaries. I believe that the way of capturing reality reflects the process of thinking about the image and its reception; therefore, I more often reach for historical and experimental techniques or ephemeral forms of register.Considering them a sort of a key into the language of nature. I aim to revive the myth and try to find a contemporary context for it. Irreversibility and constant transformations of photochemical processes are somehow synonymous with the changeability of the natural world. What I’m trying to record is the course of these changes.

The educational activity is also an important element of my work; I consider it equal to my artistic activity. Activities undertaken within this area mainly include cooperation on projects Summer in a Theatre, and workshop and educational projects implemented under other programmes.

About the Author