Paweł Kreft

Paweł Kreft was born in 1994, in Kościerzyna. He graduated School of Modern Music in Wrocław. A composer, vocalist, writer, wildlife photographer and a beginner music producer.

“…when I wonder why I chose wildlife photography? I can see myself as a four-year-old who, while at grandmother’s, sits in front of the TV and watches wildlife films narrated with a magic voice of Krystyna Czubówna. These images and the love for nature that my grandmother passed on to me, were certainly something that subconsciously shaped my personality.” – says Paweł.

His entire adventure with nature Paweł owes to his dad Krystian, who was raised by his grandmother to live in harmony with nature – as a deputy forester, and now as a forester of the Lubań Forestry – made Paul notice in nature things that we do not succeed in perceiving on a daily basis. Paul wished to do things in his life through which he could express himself. His other passion is music. After several years of self-education in piano playing, he has been writing his own compositions, and at the age of 22, he began his studies at the School of Modern Music, where he learned the basics of musical production.

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