“Pejzaż wewnętrzny” (Inner Landscape) – Tomasz Michałowski

Exhibition site – The Artus Court Cultural Centre in Toruń
Vernissage – 2 December 2022 at 6pm

I was inspired to create a new series of photographs by the two different ways of describing the same world, which are the geocentric and the heliocentric models. I consider the resulting works a certain form of enriching vision and thinking with images about the reality in which I live.
In order to discover a new world that one desires to reach, one must first withdraw from the old one. This new world exists only on the surface of the photograph that captures it.
For me, a photographic image is a gift from life, given together with death, which no one can avoid, but can oppose it through art – it is art that has the ability to measure up to destiny. It is art that invokes images as a form of protection of existence, capable of initiating certain disputes. The image I photograph belongs to the past, it is my trace of existence here and now, at the same time it can direct a person to the future. Such an image is merely a metaphor and a possibility to meet the subject and oneself. To bring an image into existence I must pause to then find it in the void and follow it, allowing myself to be seduced.
And so I can be left alone, like infatuated Alcibiades in Plato’s “Symposium” abandoned by Socrates.
I finally discern the light in my body, from which a new image of myself emerges.
Tomasz Michałowski

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