Michał Jakubowicz

Michał Jakubowicz – Dr, assistant professor at the Department of Graphic Arts at the SWPS University in Wrocław. A visual artist who employs photography, film, objects, drawing in his works. An author of photographic albums “sub” (2018), “subPark” (2016), a collection of research “Eksperyment koło fotografii” (Near-photography Experiment) (2018) and a monograph “Medium na białym tle” (Medium on a White Background) (2007). Interested in the theory and practice of visual arts as a means of reflection on culture and communication.


10. “subPark: między drzewami” (subPark: Among Trees). Experimental photography, film, graphic and lens exhibition in the IN SITU International Cultural Laboratory. Sokołowsko. April/May 2018.

9. “Eksperyment koło fotografii” (Near-photography Experiment), Wrocław Contemporary Museum, 5/2018.

8. “Death Styles”, Galeria Wykwit, Wrocław, 3/2017.

7. “subPark. Miejsca” (SubPark: Places), Stanisław Staszic Museum, Piła, 10/2016.

6. “Dokumenty podróży” (Travel Documents), Galeria Sztuki Mediów Kino, Wrocław, 05/2016.

5. “subPark. Upadki” (SubPark: Falls), Entropia Gallery, Wrocław, 02/2016.

4. “Zmierzch Wzgórza Partyzantów” (Twilight of the Partisan Hill), Galeria Uniwersytetu SWPS, Wrocław, 09/2015.

3. “subPark”, Klub Storrady Gallery, Domek Grabarza, Szczecin, 05/2015.

2. “subPark”, Galeria Okno, Słubice, 02/2015.

1. “subPark. INgerencje” (SubPark: INterferences), Park Grabiszyński. Wrocław, 12/2014.


A drawing divides space and makes it common. It is a democratic but also an ephemeral way of designing the world. The vision becomes visible, enabling self-observation, reading the world, understanding complex correlations.


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