Special guest of the Festival: Olga Kamenskaja

Olga has visited Baikal over 20 times and it became an inexhaustible supply of photographic subjects: “Again and again, year by year I used to come back to Baikal and photograph all the same surroundings… water and ice… hoping to take a photo that would finally answer my need to capture all those feelings Baikal kept inducing in me… Now I know there is no way to take that final photo. One cannot fully capture Baikal. There is no way of achieving satisfaction because the need to acknowledge Baikal completely increases every time I try to…” Her passion for this particular lake resulted in 74 extraordinary and unique large format photographies. She works on Nikon D700 and D200 cameras. Her exhibition was displayed in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Denmark and China.

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