INSPIRACJE 2022 (Inspirations 2022) – collective exhibition

The exhibition site – Graphic Art Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at NCU, Toruń, Sienkiewicza 30/32, Ground floor.

Vernissage 2 December 2022, at 1:30pm

This year’s edition features the works of three photographic artists. The works will be presented in the Graphic Art Department located at the Faculty of Fine Arts at NCU in Toruń. Each of the authors in this year’s exhibition will present a different perspective inspired by nature.

The series of works by Ms. Katarzyna Navarra is a story about a man metaphorically inscribed in nature, inanimate nature where the image of the human colours is revealed. Jowita Bogna Mormul portrays nature in paintings and installations that relate to the transience of what was, what is remembered fragmentarily and blended into a new framework of memories. The last author Krzysztof Slachciak dedicates his paintings to cosmology, a nature seemingly detached from everyday life, cast aside, sometimes only realized when we come to consider where we come from, what and who we are, what our purpose is.

Invited artists:

Katarzyna Navarra – Warsaw

Jowita Bogna Mormul – Warsaw

Krzysztof Ślachciak – Poznań

Curator of the exhibition dr hab. Zdzisław Mackiewicz, prof. at NCU

Krzysztof Ślachciak
Katarzyna Navarra
Jowita Bogna Mormul

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