Paulina Czarnecka

Born in 1994 in Świecie – a graduate from Leon Wyczółkowski State School of Art in Bydgoszcz. In 2014, she was awarded a high grade in diploma examination and was granted a professional title of a visual artist. Currently, a fifth-year student of graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Toruń, specializing in relief printing. Her works were displayed at individual exhibitions in Kwidzyn, Świecie, Koronowo and Chełmno, as well as at collective exhibitions in the capital of Peru – Lima, and in Warsaw, Kraków, Toruń and Mogilno.

In her inspirations, she draws from nature. The protagonists of the figurative works are human figures and anthropomorphic animals, which demonstrate emotions, reflection on life and its passing. In her works, the attention to simple, graphic form and detail is apparent. Ravens are a distinctive motif of the series “Myśl i Pamięć” (Thought and Memory), which has been created since 2016. She creates almost exclusively in black and white.

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