Sarapata Krzysztof

Director and scenarist - KRZYSZTOF SARAPATA

He has over 15 years of experience in making, directing and editing movies, and also in sound editing. In his childhood, his father has enthused him with the affection for nature and documentary film. As a little boy, he had always dreamed to be an ornithologist, but his destiny led him in a different direction. Now, his passion for nature is reflected in his films and photographs. While making various documentaries, he enriches them with omnipresent nature. In his films, he aims to capture and impart emotions, small gestures. The work in his own film studio has given him a great experience in sound production, which allowed for pursuing his other passion related to it. The quality of image combined with sound has always been his strong suit. He was born in 1976, in Wadowice, Poland. He studied Design and Enterprise Management at the Faculty of Materials Science, Technology and Design in Radom. By then, he knew he would be a filmmaker. In 2001, along with Tomasz, he established an independent Film Studio, where he makes advertising movies and documentaries. “Z Nurtem Życia” (Flow of Life) is their big-screen debut. He perceives nature as everything surrounding us. Rain, wind, scents, sounds… are all within our reach.  There is no need to visit Białowieża Forest or the great estuary of the Warta River-Mouth National Park in order to encounter shy mammals or rare birds. Nature hopes you will be able to enjoy it as he does. All you need to do is grab your coat and go outside. All this is waiting for you!



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