Piotr Górny

I am a student of mathematics in Bydgoszcz. Photography has been my freetime pursuit since high school. Wild birds, in particular songbirds, are the main subject of my works. I photograph in woods, in the open grounds of fields and meadows, sometimes in orchards and gardens. I enjoy achieveing a natural blur in my photographs with indistinctness of varicoloured leaves, coniferous branches, limbs and trunks. Apart from the optical ‘melting’ of the photographic objects of the bloodless hunt, I also find using different perspective very interesting.  In my passion, my photographic enthusiasm dominates over my interest in wildlife. I am not after ornithological rarities as the main characters of my photographs are mostly popular birds. Regardless of the fact that spotting new bird species is very exciting, I enjoy good photo composition more, even if it presents very popular bird species.

Most important awards and distinctions:

  • The International Wildlife Film and Photography Festival ,,Sztuka Natury” (The Art of Nature): (3 honorable mentions in contests: „Natura Wokół Nas” (Nature Around Us) and “Podpatrzone w Naturze” (Stalking the Nature);
  • Poznan Days of Photography (the award of Poznan Library – Wojewodzka Biblioteka Publiczna i Centrum Animacji Kultury w Poznaniu)
  • ,,Po stronie Natury” (On Nature’s Side): (second prize and honorable mention);
  • Fine Art Photography Awards (honorable mention);
  • Moscow International Foto Awards (third prize and 2 honorable mentions);
  • International Photographer of the Year 2015 (honorable mention).






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