“Podwodny mikrokosmos” (Underwater Microcosm) — Wojtek Męczyński

The exhibition site – Toruń Regional Museum – Tony Halik Museum of Travellers

Vernissage – 01/12/2023, at 4:30pm

Since the beginning of my diving adventure, I have been fascinated not only by the beauty of coral reefs, which is obvious to everyone, or the majesty of giant marine mammals. I admire the beauty of the animals, which are not noticed by a significant number of divers. Most of the photos I take are portraits of creatures, which you actually have to look for with a magnifying glass. Underwater macro photography is my passion and my greatest love. The tiny, colourful animals you’ll see in this exhibition are usually a few to tens of millimetres in size!

The predominant part of the images in this gallery was taken in the waters of the so-called Coral Triangle, a vast area in South-east Asia with the greatest biodiversity of marine animals in the world. Many species of corals, fish, crustaceans and molluscs are born right there and feed coral reefs around the world by travelling in strong ocean currents.

Welcome to my underwater world!

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