Bogusław Sępioł

Bogusław Sępioł – passionate about native wildlife, he is a photographer, wildlife film-maker, and regionalist. Since birth, he has been associated with Kunów in Ostrowiec County; the landscapes of the Świętokrzyski area and its remarkable wildlife are his great passion. He observes and records nature with the lens of his photographic and film cameras. He is also active in nature conservation. He is a member of the Wildlife Research and Conservation Society, and an author of numerous publications related to regional floristics and faunistics. He contributes to the Przyroda Świętokrzyska website, established in 2013. Numerous publications on native wildlife are illustrated by his works; these include the photo album “Przyroda Gór Świętokrzyskich” (The Nature of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains), “Rezerwaty Świętokrzyskie” (Świętokrzyskie Reserves), and footage featured in the series “Dzika Polska” (Wild Poland) and “NaturalnieTak” (NaturallyYes). However, it is one species in particular that has influenced him to devote every spare moment to the natural beauty of the Sandomierz Highlands, the valley of the Kamienna River, Ponidzie and the Świętokrzyskie Mountains; here for over twenty years, he has been engaged in protecting one of Poland’s most beautiful birds, bee-eaters.

His unquestionable inspiration for filming was his acquaintance with Artur Tabor, and his great appreciation for Artur’s work. Since 2010, he has been producing a film series entitled “Tajemnice świętokrzyskiej przyrody” (The Secrets of Świętokrzyski Wildlife), devoted to the most interesting, although sometimes less known, species of flora and fauna of the region; currently, the series consists of over a dozen episodes. The series was awarded the “Filmowy Ziemowit” prize in 2018 at the Educational Film Review organised in Kielce; whereas the film “Zwierzęta muraw kserotermicznych” (The Animals of Xerothermic Grasslands) was awarded the Świętokrzyska Artistic Award in the film category at the “Scyzoryki 2016” festival in Kielce. His works stemming from passion and realised for pleasure have been recognised at the Maciej Łukowski International Festival of Environmental Films — EKOFILM 2014, where in the Natura 2000 category, his film “Z biegiem rzeki” (Downstream) was awarded 3rd prize. In 2017, his film “Podziemne ptaki” (The Underground Birds) was awarded a prize by the President of Tomaszów Mazowiecki at the 17th Włodzimierz Puchalski International Nature Film Festival; and at the following 18th edition of the Festival, the Author was awarded a Jury’s distinction.

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