MAZURY PIERZASTA REPUBLIKA (Masuria, Feathered Republic)

Directed and written by Artur Homan

Cinematography — Saturnina and Artur Homan

Warmia, Masuria and Podlasie are captivating in their beauty at any time of year. Centuries-old tree avenues, charming meadows, forests with lush vegetation and winding serpentine rivers, fabulous vast lakes attract sailing enthusiasts and nature lovers.

In such settings, we find places that together with their feathered inhabitants are worth exploring. We will visit the unique post-glacial “Bird Island” on Lake Ryńskie, Kwiecewo, the polder created on former meadows, ponds in the Piecki and Nerwik villages and former gravel pits in Grzybiny and Chodźki.

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