Agnieszka Florczyk

Agnieszka Florczyk — she began photographing, constantly inspired and amazed by cranes. The wetlands and swamplands they inhabit are remarkable and magical places, where the rising sun, glinting water and drifting mists draw fabulous images, while rain and clouds add a mysterious dimension to the scenery. She is fascinated by the lighting and the atmosphere of these places, which is why the majority of her photographs are taken at this unusual moment, when night turns into day, the birds are waking up, stretching, and preening. “I hold a deep respect for nature and photograph wild animals in their natural habitat; while depicting their lives and behaviours, I try not to disturb this primaeval order in any way. Nature is intrinsically perfect, but it has an enemy, which is mankind and their unbridled greed. I hope that my photographs will draw attention to the beauty that is still around us, to the animals that have the same right to live on Earth as we do, and will contribute to desire to coexist with nature rather than to exploit it ruthlessly.” Although she is a novice photographer, her works have already been recognised in national and international competitions, such as at the French Festival de l’Oiseau et de la Nature or recently at the Ai-Yakang World Bird Lovers Festival in China. She is a member of the Lower Silesian Department of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Association; this year, she has been awarded the title of the “Photographer of the Year” in the Department.

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