2019 – Exhibitions -„Inspiracje 2019” (Inspirations 2019) – Collective exhibition.

The exhibition site – International Youth Meetings Centre, ul. Łokietka 3, Toruń

The Vernissage – 28th of November 2019, at 7 pm

This year, for the first time, the 12th International Festival of Visual Art Inspired by Nature has invited the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University to collaborate on the project.

This year’s edition has thus opened its doors to artists from outside the artistic environment associated with wildlife photography in the broad sense, the artists creating their works based on other techniques and processes, and inspirations. I have the honour to present the following six artists from various fields of art invited to the exhibition that accompanies the festival: Anna Kola – Toruń, Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska – Warszawa, Paulina Czenecka – Toruń, Wojciech Beszterda – Piła, Piotr Grygorkiewicz – Bydgoszcz and Michał Jakubowicz – Wrocław.

I am certain that the authors participating in this exhibition will broaden the formula of the festival, giving the audience the opportunity to encounter the creativity that results from their struggle with nature. I believe that the proposal to include in the festival artists from outside the wildlife photography circle will initiate a regular relationship between these creative environments.

The Curator of the accompanying exhibition „Inspiracje 2019” (Inspirations 2019).

Zdzisław Mackiewicz

Anna Kola
Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska
Piotr Grygorkiewicz
Michał Jakubowicz
Paulina Czarnecka
Wojciech Beszterda

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