2018 – Mikrusy i olbrzymy (Huge and Tiny) – Magdalena Sarat and Łukasz Łukasik

Mikrusy i olbrzymy (Huge and Tiny) – Magdalena Sarat and Łukasz Łukasik

Exhibition site – the Toruń Zoobotanical Garden

Vernissage – the 23rd of November 2018, at 12 noon

The exhibition runs until the 31st of December 2018

The exhibition “Mikrusy i olbrzymy” (Huge and Tiny) is the product of numerous hours spent with the photo camera in small, large and huge forests. It is an outcome of carefully prepared expeditions as well as a result of unplanned encounters. The only thing that remains unchanged is that, regardless of its age, size and the season of the year, the forest conceals wonderful mysteries. We only have to open our eyes and ears wide, so to be able to capture them by means of a camera. This has often turned out to be a rather difficult task since the main characters were to be the animals living in forests and their vicinity. Long hours of waiting, unsuccessful often enough, have been resulting in continuous learning, watchful observation and conclusion drawing. It wasn’t that we have been learning about nature, it was nature teaching us, sometimes quite mercilessly, how it should be dealt with. For an exceptional effort with our homework, we were being awarded with good photographs. For skiving – runny noses, flu and nearly frostbitten fingers. The idea of photographing forest animals has quite quickly undergone a complete transformation. After all, a forest is not just its fauna, but also a remarkably interesting flora. A non-accidental change of the lens has drawn us into a fascinating microworld continuously astonishing with its multitude of shapes and colours. It has been another priceless lesson from Mother Nature. When the king of the wilderness refused to cooperate, we have been changing the lens and, with our noses close to the surface of the ground, we have been watching the smaller, barely perceptible world hidden in the undergrowth. This way, though we were not yet aware of it, the idea of the exhibition has been born. “Tiny great forest” – neither the huge nor the tiny can exist without the other. And the sooner we notice that the more interesting our contact with nature will become.




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