2018 – Żywot chruścika (Life of a Caddisfly)

Director: Zbigniew Bączyński, Monika Zawadzka

Photography: Józef Romasz

Production: Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych (Educational Film Studio) in Łódź, Duration: 71 min.

In a small enclave surrounded by motorways, a quiet and, at the same time, extraterrestrial spectacle about fragile beauty and desire to exist takes place. A story about a caddisfly, one of the most extraordinary creatures on Earth, makes a proposal for a contemplative cinema. It constitutes a journey into the depths of nature focused on continuance. Unique pictures reveal a mysterious “underwater civilization” of caddisflies – exceptionally creative and brilliant architects. Human absence in the movie is only apparent. Careful perspective, slow cinema, invites reflection whether this part of the universe constitutes the image of ourselves.




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