2018 – Zadziwiający świat chrząszczy (The Amazing World of Beetles)

Film Producer – State Forests.

Director: Sławomir Skupiński

Screenwriter: Jacek Kurzawa

Camera operators: Sławomir Skupiński, Jacek Kurzawa, Bartosz Klamra.


Is the world of beetles astonishing? There should be no doubt after watching the movie.
They roll their balls of muck, smell nice or disgusting, imitate stronger and more dangerous species, lick nectar and vegetative juice, but also fancy carcass and faeces. Their colours and appearance amaze not only entomologists.
Beetles have populated almost all the ecological niches and ecosystems. They usually remain hidden, thus all we can see in the wild constitutes barely a small fraction of their whole variety of species.
In the movie “Zadziwiający świat chrząszczy” (The Amazing World of Beetles), there appear relict species, such as Nothorhina muricata or Prionus coriarius “the tanner” as well as dung fans, such as tumblebugs or burying beetles, and beautiful predators – Northern dune tiger beetles. You can learn about beetles that do not look like ones at all: bumblebee-like Emus hirtus and Necydalis similar to Hymenoptera.

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