2020 – Ladies and gentlemen, Nature Lovers,

The time has come for the thirteenth edition of the Festival, in which the virus has interrupted many of our plans, took away our Loved Ones, deprived us of hope that everything will be fine, and for many of us, it will undoubtedly scar our memories for a very, very long time. In these times, difficult for all of us, we wish to bring a glimmer of hope and a moment’s grace into your homes and hearts. In the hope that it might be possible to meet face-to-face, that the virus will allow it, we have initially been preparing the stationary edition of the Festival; however, at the last minute, we were forced to change our plans and design an ‘online’ version. Nevertheless, we hope such form will not interfere with Your emotions stemming from the tales of Nature. The programme for this year’s event has been prepared so as to meet your expectations as fully as possible. Our proposal this year is, hopefully, as usual, very broad, which is in line with the variety of aspects of wildlife film and photography discussed by the Festival Guests. I hope that this year’s, thirteenth, pandemic and ‘online’ Festival will bring you priceless moments of joy resulting from the contact with Nature; and the positive message coming from our proposals will remain with the guests, organisers, spectators and all supporters of the event until we are all safe and able to breathe easily in forests and meadows, surrounded by colours and shapes of Nature.

You are all welcome to join us on:

You are all welcome to join us on:


The Director of the Festival, Adam Adamski

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