2020 Exhibitions – Biodiversity – Earth`s Chance

XVIII Włodzimierz Puchalski International Nature Film Festival – Photography exhibition


Adam Adamski, Michał Ludwiczak, Łukasz Łukasik, Magdalena Sarat, Dariusz Sarnowski, Ryszard Sąsiadek, Grzegorz Szkutnik, Radosław Trzciński, Marek Trzeciak, Wojciech Wójcik

When I was inviting photographers to participate in this exhibition, I often heard that the current festival`s motto is basically “any subject” because it can be understood so very broadly. After all, biodiversity is not only a multitude of species, but a whole chain of connections enabling the survival of nature, which is under increasing human pressure. It gives the possibility of self-realisation not only to photographers or filmmakers, but also to virtually every human being whose activities are focused on nature in general. The authors were in no way limited in the selection of their works. I received over 150 of them. I tried to choose the ones that I thought best represented each of the invited photographers.
There are pictures of animals that symbolise the success of protecting and preserving biodiversity. Such are undoubtedly bisons, elks and beavers. We have those that are currently endangered and require good decisions and careful protection. It is undoubtedly both the capercaillie and the black grouse, but also the hoopoe, threatened with destruction of trees in the fields. There are two charming wild boars, so much needed by the environment, and yet officially doomed. There is a corncrake in the grass, actually more audible than visible in the meadow, and an equally discreet fire-bellied toad responding to it from the pond. There is also a representation of deer, roe deer and other popular species, which in a way constitute our everyday sense of biodiversity, seen from the perspective of a person taking a walk. Finally, the ever-reliable Wojtek Wójcik shows us – from his sky-high perspective – how important it is to protect the landscape, which is understood as entire local ecosystems.

There are some photos missing at the exhibition. The photos made by a man who was always there and now “stubbornly stays disappeared”. Tomek Ogrodowczyk was one of the first to confirm his participation. He did not have time to send the photos. The authors unanimously decided to dedicate this year’s exhibition to him, the Great Absent. To one of the greatest connoisseurs and propagators of biodiversity and beauty of Polish nature.

Marek Trzeciak
exhibition manager

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