2020 – Karol Wójcicki, a Special Guest of the Festival

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A passionate and photographer of the night sky, a populariser of astronomy; science journalist; TV presenter. A creator of the most significant astronomical Facebook fanpage in Poland „Z głową w gwiazdach” (Head in the Stars).

He travels all over the world in pursuit of solar eclipses and spends two months a year within the Arctic Circle hunting for the Northern Lights. However, he also loves lying on his patio at home, looking for meteors falling from the sky.

Infecting others with his astronomical passion made his way of life. He organised one of the world’s largest joint observations of the night sky (for 12 thousand people) and many other popular science events. He is a frequent guest of TV and radio programmes.

He cooperates with Gazeta Wyborcza and has hosted programmes on Discovery Science and TVN Turbo. He is an astronomy teacher at Eureka Primary School. In 2008–2016 he was associated with the Copernicus Science Centre. Currently, during his expeditions to observe the Northern Lights, he uncovers the secrets of the Arctic.

He has been granted the Populariser of Science Prize awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland and the Polish Press Agency.

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