2020 – Grzegorz Bobrowicz, a Guest of the Festival

Grzegorz Bobrowicz is a Lower Silesian. He has been involved in nature photography for four decades. He is an author of national and international photographic exhibitions. He has published over a dozen books on Polish wildlife Polska dzika przyroda (Polish Wildlife), Cuda przyrody (Wonders of Nature), Fenomeny przyrody (Phenomena of Nature), Tajniki naszych lasów (Secrets of our Forests), Fotografowanie polskiej przyrody (Polish Nature Photography). He is a lecturer of landscape and wildlife photography at Katowice School of Technology. He runs photographic workshops.

He is a graduate of the Poznań University of Life Sciences. His achievements include over one hundred scientific studies, including documentation of three nature reserves, and also scientific papers and popular science articles. He works on Słownik polskiego języka przyrodniczego (Dictionary of the Polish Language of Nature).

He is a director, screenwriter, an author of narrative and pictures for wildlife films, including Bieliki (White-tailed Eagles), Park Krajobrazowy Chełmy, Park Krajobrazowy Dolina Jezierzycy (Landscape Park Jezierzyca Valley), Przemkowski Park Krajobrazowy (Przemków Landscape Park), Przyroda ziemi oławskiej (The Nature of Oława Region), Żurawie (Cranes). His film Anima Animalis. Klejnoty dolnośląskiej przyrody (Anima Animalis. Gems of Lower Silesian nature)  has won B. and J. Czeczów Award for the best photographs on the 18th Włodzimierz Puchalski International Nature Film Festival.

The author of the vlog: Szepty Przyrody / Whispers of Nature
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