2019 – Festival Music Performance – „Dwa Światy” (Two worlds) – Mateusz Piesiak and Paweł Kreft

Festival Music Performance – „Dwa Światy” (Two worlds) – Mateusz Piesiak and Paweł Kreft

Site – The Academic Centre for Culture and Art “Od Nowa”, ul. Gagarina 37a, Toruń

Date – 1st of December 2019, at 2 pm

Mateusz Piesiak and Paweł Kreft are a duet of friends, who share a common passion for music and love to explore wildlife. During one of their meetings, the artists decided that they wanted to combine both of their passions. The artists will present a series of diaporamas consisting of wildlife photographs they have taken, whilst performing live music in which they will apply their authorial musical improvisation. Additionally, in their performance they will present songs that will further emphasize their respect for wildlife.

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