2019 – Paweł Wrona – Guest of the Festival

“Love for nature before photography”. This motto has accompanied me for a long time during photographing wild animals and plants. In my childhood, my father has enthused me with a desire to explore the secrets of nature; and in primary school, Włodzimierz Puchalski’s album “Among Reeds and Waters” inspired me with its wildlife photography. I live in Wierzchosławice near Tarnów and most of my photographs have been taken in the picturesque Tarnów region, whether among fields rich in wild animals or in the nearby Wierzchosławice Forests. In search of inspiration and a refuge from everyday life in a nearby forest where I only cycle or walk, I spend my time peacefully contemplating nature. I like all that is subtle and fleeting and at the same time very mysterious. I am interested in not very obvious themes requiring a lot of attention before one gets to know them well. Occasionally, rather than taking pictures, I only observe the habits of wild animals, which inspires me, even more, to be out in the wild. Since 2013, I have been a member of Cracow Department of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Association (ZPFP). My greatest achievement is constantly being able to observe in nature such wild animal species as the black-bellied hamster, the little owl or the European hare. When it comes to my successes in the field of wildlife photography, these are certainly: First place in the 6th edition of the nationwide “Eko Multi Konkurs” (Eco Multimedia Contest), second and third place in the nationwide Foto-Eko contest in 2018 and 2015 respectively, and, for me the most important, victory in the Photographer of the Year 2019 contest organised by Cracow Department of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Association (ZPFP). I also took part in numerous collective exhibitions.

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