2019 – About this year’s festival

Ladies and gentlemen,

Time passes inexorably and brings us closer to this year’s edition of the Art of Nature Festival. As, whilst participating in over a dozen editions of the Festival, you have had the opportunity to witness, this time was certainly not a static creation. The Festival lives, develops and evolves, from the beginning of the photography festival, through the change of its formula to an international character devoted to wildlife photography and film, to… .

The time has come for further significant changes in the Festival’s convention,

Most importantly, this year the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicholaus Copernicus University have joined the esteemed group of Festival Organisers. This allowed me to establish the Artistic Council of the Festival, which will certainly support the shaping of the Festival’s programme at an even higher artistic and substantive level. The invitation to the Council was accepted by eminent artists with an established position in the world of art. Further development of the formula of the event to include the means of expression of visual arts has become our priority. As history shows, the creators’ inspirations came largely from Nature, where they found their inspiration. The change in the name of the Festival starting from this year’s edition to: the 12th International Festival of Visual Arts Inspired by Nature “Art of Nature”, Toruń 2019, comes from this creative inspiration. Furthermore, in 2019, SONY, the leader in film and photographic solutions used by many artists, photographers and filmmakers of Nature, became the patron of the Festival.

I believe that the evolutionary changes that have taken place this year will raise the prestige of the Event, broaden its formula, and for you, the audience of the Festival, will make the artistic encounters fully satisfying.


I hereby would like to invite you to this year’s edition of the Festival.

Director of the Festival
dr hab. Adam Adamski, prof. NCU

the Faculty of Fine Arts at NCU.

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