2018 – Trzy Sztuki w Antarktyce (Three Arts in Antarctica) – Bartosz Stróżyński

Trzy Sztuki w Antarktyce (Three Arts in Antarctica) – Bartosz Stróżyński

Exhibition site – the District Museum in Toruń – The Museum of Travellers

Vernissage – the 23rd of November 2018, at 16:30

The exhibition runs until the 30th of December 2018

The unprecedented project in the Polish art, culture and media. The first ever sailing expedition of Polish artists to Antarctica, and there – remarkable events broadcasted on Polish Radio. In February 2017, a team of Polish artists representing three fields of art and culture (film, music and photography) have sailed aboard Selma Expeditions yacht to Antarctica — a place which, in few years, may become a centre of international events, and which environmental condition is crucial for the future of the whole world. The cruise participants, inspired by travel, wildlife and extreme conditions occurring at the ends of the earth, faced some exceptional artistic challenges within the scope of film, music and photography. The team of the three arts included: Adam Nowak, a leader of a music band “Raz Dwa Trzy”, Bartosz Stróżyński, Rafał Kolikow, Artur Homan, Ksawery Zylber, Jacek Hawrylczak and Paweł Drozd. Olaf Lubaszenko was also a part of the team, but due to last-minute medical reasons he had to cancel his participation in the expedition. The adventurers have set some very ambitious goals for themselves. One of the objectives, realised as early as during the venture, was the very first concert of a Polish artist in Antarctica. Throughout the voyage, Adam Nowak has written a new verbal and musical composition and sang it during the unique Antarctic concert at the edge of the world, thus making history. The results of another artistic purpose, this time in the field of photography, can be seen within this very exhibition. The author of the photographs is Bartosz Stróżyński, the originator and leader of the venture. For Bartosz, it has been the fourth photographic and film visit to Antarctica. This time he has focused particularly on the beauty and evanescence of the icebergs. There was also footage taken during the venture that will be assembled into a documentary movie. The last chord of the Three Arts in Antarctica venture will be a book featuring the whole history of the project from the day of the emergence of the idea till the moment of printing the book. We hope you will enjoy the photographs presented at the exhibition and, just like their author, you will fall in love with the beauty of Antarctica, passing this enchantment on your children, friends and families. The more of us, the better the future for Antarctica.

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