2018 – Grzegorz i Tomasz Kłosowscy – Special guests

Grzegorz Kłosowski (born in 1952), painter and graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Tomasz Kłosowski (born in 1949) a journalist, have been together photographing nature for 40 years. The Biebrza Marshes, which they have found on the map themselves, and later popularised by means of their photo albums, were their photographic hunting ground from the beginning. They are considered to be among the explorers of the natural qualities of this area, which beauty they have glorified long before the establishment of the Biebrza National Park. Initially, they have directed their camera lens mainly towards rare representatives of the world of birds, however, over time, they have broadened their interests with other subjects, especially with the landscape of the unique marshes. So far, they have dedicated the following 5 photo albums to the Biebrza Valley alone: „Ptaki biebrzańskich bagien” (The Birds of the Biebrza Marshes), „Biebrza kraina moczarów” (Biebrza, a Land of Swamp), „Biebrza ptasi raj” (Biebrza. A Bird Paradise), „Biebrza sześć pór roku” (The Biebrza Valley: Six Seasons) and, the latest one: „Biebrza”, and three photo albums to its species: „Bóbr” (The Beaver), „Bocian polski ptak” (Stork, a Polish Bird), „Żuraw ptak nadziei” (Crane, the Bird of Hope) and„Żuraw Kłosowski” (Kłosowski Crane), to the district: „Podlasie kresowa kraina” (Podlasie, a Land on the Border) and „Trzcianne piękne z natury” (Trzcianne, beautiful by nature), while to the wildlife of their country, the photo albums: „Polska – cuda natury” (Poland. Natural Wonders), „Polska – portret przyrody” (Poland. Nature Portraits) and „Polska – uroda natury” (Poland. The Beauty of Nature), moreover, they have illustrated numerous multiauthorial photo albums, atlases and handbooks. They are the authors of guides „Fotografujemy ptaki” and „Poradnik leśnej fotografii”, „Rośliny wodne i bagienne”. They have published in numerous illustrated magazines, dozens of calendars and brochures, and they have had individual exhibitions. They are regularly seen on TV – Tomasz Kłosowski used to co-host TV programmes „Zwierzozbliżenia”, „Naturomania”, „Dzika Polska”, and together with Grzegorz „Tańczący z naturą” (Dancing with Nature). Soon, a documentary “Kłosowscy” will be released.



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