2018 – Sławomir Skupiński Guest of the Festival

Sławomir Skupiński – a photographer, camera operator, author of pictures for numerous wildlife films. For many years he was involved in multimedia service of artistic events, and in 2005, he has started to work for the Forest Film Studio, where he could merge his filmmaking experience with his passion for observing nature. He is interested in plant communities, therefore the first films he has directed form a series about forest habitat types. In addition to the outdoor pictures, he also takes studio photographs: he breeds larval forms of insects in order to capture their ontogenesis with his camera. He also has a number of achievements in the film recording of few species of mice. He lives in an environmentally interesting place, in central Poland, by Jeziorsko reservoir on the Warta River. Numerous water and wetland bird species occur in the area, during their nesting as well as passage. Thus, Sławek films at work and during leisure. He puts on his waders, takes his hand-made floating equipment, and goes on a photo hunt. Often, his wife, Monika accompanies him, and his son Kacper, who since early childhood has been close to nature, correctly identifies surrounding species and tips his father off when and where nice shots can be taken. The newest film directed by Sławek is titled “Zadziwiający świat chrząszczy” (The Amazing World of Beetles).

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