2018 – Cezary Korkosz Guest of the Festival

Cezary Korkosz, born in 1968, a wildlife photographer, traveller and landscapist, he has developed a unique style of sharing the images painted by Nature itself. He comes from the old school of analogue and medium format photography. For over 20 years, he has captured wildlife on the photographic film, and for several years, fascinated by the potential of modern technology; he has employed it during recording dynamic scenes of movement and action in challenging conditions. In his photographs, he pictures what until recently has been virtually impossible to capture, and hence to picture, in the wildlife photography.

The enormity of work he devotes to his projects is recognised in books and photo albums.

The photographer is the author of the following photo albums: Polska Naturalnie (2011), Bóbr zapobiegliwy gospodarz (2013), Wilk skryty wędrowiec (2014), Żubr władca absolutny (2015), Rybołów ginące piękno (2016), Żubr na Pomorzu Zachodnim (2017), Sowy (2018).

He cooperates with Polish Television, inter alia on photos for a cycle of films: Ocalony Świat (2014), Tajemnice koron drzew (2016), Sekretne życie żurawia (2017).

His output has been acknowledged in the Grand Press Photo competition in 2008, First Prize in the International Competition Austria Center Vienna Photo Award in Vienna in 2008, Grand Prix in the 8th edition of the contest National Parks in 2007, First Prize and honourable mention in the National Wildlife Photography Competition ‘Foto-Eko’ in 2007, First Prize in the Włodzimierz Puchalski National Photographic Competition in 2007, First Prize in the 7th edition of the Baltic Photo Contest in 2007, First Prize in the Wildlife Photography Festival “Wizje Natury” (Visions of Nature) in 2006, four honourable mentions in the competition “Nasze Ptaki” (Our Birds) in 2006, First Prize in the Photo Contest „Eurazja – dialog i przenikanie kultur” (Eurasia – the Dialogue and Interpenetration of Cultures) run within the ASIA-EUROPE mediations in 2007.

Cezary Korkosz is also an author of a cycle of diaporamas, vernissages, exhibitions and authorial presentations: Kamczatka – kraina cudów na Pacyfiku (2005), Mongolia – szlakiem Czyngis-chana (2006), Laponia – daleka północ Europy (2007) and Syberia – moje miejsce na ziemi (2008).

He cooperates with publishing companies dedicated to nature and its protection; he is also associated with the photo agencies in Poland and abroad.

Cezary Korkosz is a zootechnician and a teacher by profession, he is also a member of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Association, a co-worker of the Helsinki Commission at the State of the Baltic Sea report and of the Ornithological Station of the Museum and Institute of Zoology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk, he is also a coordinator of the Eagles Protection Committee on the West Pomerania.

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