2017 – Zdzisław Preisner Guest of the Festival

Ph.D. of geography, a traveller, photographer, publisher and lecturer in Tourism and Recreation at WSB University in Toruń. Earlier, for almost 30 years, he had been associated with the Institute of Geography at the Nicholas Copernicus University (NCU) in Toruń.  He has visited nearly 120 countries on all the continents, from which he brought over 60 thousand photographs in the form of slides, and tens of thousands of digital images. His interests focus around geomorphology, glaciology, regional geography of the world and geotourism. On his travels, beside his fascination with the world of plants and animals, he searches for and photographs interesting landforms, wonderful rock formations of various structures and colours, startling natural geological and geomorphological phenomena. He is an author of popular science publications, illustrated albums, school books, articles in tourist and geographical magazines, and local papers. He is also a participant in radio and television broadcasts about travelling. Moreover, he is a full member of prestigious travel and geographical organisations: – Polish Chapter of “The Explorers Club” in New York; – Royal Geographical Society in London; – Polish Geographical Society.

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