2017 – Velička Jaroslav Special guest

PaedDr. Jaroslav Velička, a social activist and educator. He was born on the 29th of October 1954 in Vysoká nad Kysucou, Slovakia. He is a universal photographer, who for over three decades, apart from his professional activity, has been committing himself to photography. His mostly documentary photographies are, nevertheless, always full of emotion and artistry. Nature is his great passion, particularly birds that he captures in a truly “magical” and recognisable manner. He gradually extends his interest in other animal and plant species. Picturesque scenery, portraits, reportage, aerial photography and many others, also became the objects of his photographs. The author’s main goal is to create a multicolour mosaic showing a full image of the real world around us, and his work is unique. Jaroslav Velička has been repeatedly recognised for his didactic, social and ecological work, and for promoting his region. He has been decorated with the Order of Saint George for his educational work and for his work in the field of wildlife conservation, granted by the Ministry of Environment of the SR (2004), and in 2013, he received “Kysuc Grandee” award.




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