2017 – Mateusz Matysiak Guest of the Festival

A nature lover, photographer and filmmaker. By occupation, a gamekeeper, biologist and environmental engineer. He has graduated from Poznań universities – the Faculty of Forestry at the Poznań University of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Biology at the Adam Mickiewicz University. He is an author of numerous publications, including illustrated encyclopaedias of Polish animals and birds. Recipient of various awards and a juror in photographic contests in Poland and abroad. He is a traditionalist of a great passion for forests and mountains, an enthusiast of everything that is healthy and real. As a sentimental nature admirer, he is able to sit motionlessly and in meticulous camouflage in extreme conditions, just to capture this one and only scene from the life of rare and skittish animals. Over the recent years, he has been entirely enchanted and fascinated by the Bieszczady Mountains, where he indulged in capturing the magical environment and extraordinary people to the rhythm of nature. At present, he runs few authorial photographic and film projects there, including the one featuring “Bieszczadzcy Mocarze” (The Rulers of the Bieszczady Mountains), wonderful figures, objects of the photographs constituting a well-known calendar and of a new illustrated album under preparation.






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